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Hernan Reyes's picture
Hernan Reyes @Herch2 | over 2 years Just one word: Unagi
Fran Peña's picture
Fran Peña @pentor | over 2 years Joey and Chandler. Do I need to explain?
Fernando Peña's picture
Fernando Peña @fpixels | over 2 years I'm watching Friends right now, and i'm not planning to get bored anytime soon. ;)
Bryant's picture
Bryant @BryantBA | over 2 years HIMYM es muy buena, pero jamas llegará a ser como Friends. Es un antes y un despues de ello. todo lo demas son add-ins http://goo.gl/xcJxp.
Juan I. Gomez's picture
Juan I. Gomez @TechGomez | over 2 years The best show ever!!!
Freddie Peña's picture
Freddie Peña @fixr | over 2 years @AeroCross: I get your point, but they're very, very alike IMHO (5-6 friends that get together every day on a bar? c'mon!), so it's arguable which one is funner/better. Plus, HIMYM sometimes feel WAYY to "familiar", if you know what I mean.
James Creixems's picture
James Creixems @webjac | over 2 years Friends is the series I grew up with. HIMYM is a fantastic substitute, but is just that, a "replacement". THE ONE will always be Friends
Freddie Peña's picture
Freddie Peña @fixr | over 2 years This is hard. HIMYM is definitely AWE-SOME, but Friends was... c'mon, big part of our lives. HIMYM uses the same formula (and sometimes even the same jokes/situations) and is funner, but Friends started it all. I miss them.

How I Met Your Mother

Topoku Overlord's picture
Topoku Overlord @topokus | over 2 years Happy slapsgiving day!!


Mario Cuba's picture
Mario Cuba @AeroCross | over 2 years I love both shows. They are the best around, but how can you match both of them? Friends is a classic in modern culture. HIMYM is an actual modern show. Pit Seinfeld against Friends, now we have a match. Pit HIMYM with Modern Family, now we have a match.